STRESS EATING? Here's 2 reasons why your willpower won't win.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “ I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR!!!”

or addicted to any other foodstuffs like coffee or even wine? You’d believe your willpower can’t stand up to one or two days without it AND you’re right. You body is designed to trick and manipulate you into keeping up the craving, not because it hates you, but we’ve essentially programmed our bodies to be this way.

Here’s 2 reasons why your willpower just won’t win the fight against kicking these habits, but..


Reason #1 Food is your only pleasure.
Eating your feelings. not a new concept for many of us, but if you desire to change this up, believe me your will power has got to work in overdrive. 

Let me explain...

Changing diet can be difficult, but the habits and memories associated with eating makes it even more of an uphill battle.  So this is where we'll grease the wheels.

In order to help your willpower against mindless stress eating, you must establish another activity that will provide stress relief or outlet that will surge similar level of dopamine and endorphins.

It helps if you participate in an activity that has a goal or endpoint. Knowing you are working on a small part of an larger activity gives you something to look forward to and stimulates the dopamine or reward centers of the brain. As you are working on your project or activity, be present to what you are working on and not thinking about the day's stresses.  Here are some examples:

  • running

  • dancing

  • athletic yoga

  • meditative yoga

  • crafting

  • socializing without food as a focal point

  • walking with a view ( of nature, people)

Reason #2 Not supporting your physiology

Hands down, your body's balance of hormones is the underlying reason for your cravings, your hunger and your internal debate over whether you " should or shouldn't eat or drink_______!" 

Most often, I'll run a hormone check to examine if hormone levels are in balance or not and rearrange diets and add herbal support so that you're able to regain control. But the key takeaway: Taking back control means you'll have to look closely at your pattern and disrupt it.

Here are classic examples:

My brain is racing at night, and I can't sleep!

  • More complex but often due to disturbed sleep hormones Cortisol-Melatonin, but let's not forget coffee after 10am can disturb sleep quality (even with 12 hours to metabolize!)

Are you eating junk food after work or drinking more wine than you should?

  • This is a classic cortisol imbalance. You must work towards the right combination of foods and herbal support to rebalance this. 

I can't help it, I'm addicted to sugar!

  • This is a textbook problem with Ghrelin-Leptin-Insulin balance. Balanced meals prevents intense hunger pangs and helps this hormone complex self-regulate.

Sound familiar?

If you are curious about running hormone tests for a pattern you’ve noticed? Ask me how it can be done!


 Dr. Vera

Remember this basic concept if you're struggling with your diet.

There are so many fad diets out there, that you may be getting lost, heck even OVERWHELMED by what to pick and how to eat.

Just remember the basics.

  1. It’s all about portioning. (Size always matters.) If you’re finding yourself overeating or snacking on too many occasions, then you’ve identified problem #1. Try to maintain consistent portion sizes of your meals of the day i.e. lunch/dinner. The food you consume should fill the same proportion of plate, even if the plate gets larger.

  2. Pile as much color on your plate as possible. If your plate doesn’t look like a rainbow, then change it up! You brain and body needs superfuel to make it through the day. The more color you add to your plate, the higher the absorption of nutrients that fuel fast thinking and creativity.

  3. Remember to pick something from each category (protein, fats, healthy grains) at each meal- even breakfast! The more you do this, the less likely you are to fill up on empty carbs, sugars and things that make your body and energy levels crash!


Dr. Vera

Healthy plate.PNG

Natural Anti-Depressants to Combat Holiday Season Burnout

Holidays are supposed to be full of cheer and happiness, but for some of us, the combination with less sunlight, cold weather and epic to-do lists leads to a 3-4 month serious emotional struggle. Here’s my top tips of how to bolster your body with natural anti-depressants and beat the holiday blues.

1. Get as much sunlight as you possibly can. Our body’s storage of vitamin D gets easily depleted this time of year, so take action to get your fix anyway you can, even for 10-15 minutes. I even recommend people to go to tanning salons to boost levels. Low levels of Vitamin D affects adequate production of Serotonin and Dopamine which might make you feel even more in the dumps.

2. Make room in your life to sleep longer. Many folks make the mistake of not adjusting their lifestyle or diet with the change of seasons. Less sunlight means you may find yourself more tired or wanting to take naps. So take the time and schedule a power nap for 5-10 minutes, put on a guided meditation for a mid-day reset or just get to bed earlier in the nighttime. Aim for 7+ hours.

3. Plan your holiday party recovery. If you’re like me, you’ve already had your fair share of holiday parties. Like any other drug, you WILL begin a withdrawal period from the sugars within alcohol and of course the holiday sweets you cant resist. Sugar Detox usually begins about 24 hrs after your last indulgence. Sugar withdrawal will exacerbate feeling of overwhelm and make you feel scattered with a loss of focus. The antidote? Doubling your fiber levels the next day after a holiday party, i.e. steel cut oatmeal, brown rice, using flax meal, or any high fiber cereal will help dampen the withdrawal symptoms. Don’t forget to drink more water!

Natural Dermatology- Sun & Skin cancer

Prevention 101: Post summer skin protection and restoration!

As the summer season wraps up, I can't help but to relish in the information from my skintastic seminars.  It was a life saver!  For those of you who could not make it- i'll share some snippets.

Again-The basics: Know your risks!

Skin types: There are 5 types. The more fair and freckled you are (type 1), the more susceptible you are to burn easily. Darker skin Type (3/4/5)  will burn in twice the amount of time. Restoring sunburned skin for each skin type is a bit different.

Type 1/2 will need more intensive support with a broader spectrum of antioxidants- combining topical, food and supplement.

Your best bet? Combine powerful antioxidants internally and on the skin as they work together to deliver more synergistic protection! 

Top "Love Your Skin" Nutrients:

  • Vitamin A, C, E, D
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • CoQ10
  • Sulfur as table salt or MSM
  • Liposomal Glutathione

Dosages vary based upon your overall health condition, skin type and quantity of antioxidants your body has used this summer!  Schedule some time with me if you'd like a more personalized prescription!