feel like you're not getting to the bottom of what's really going wrong? then let's talk! My #1 desire is to  help you breakthrough and solve your health problems using only natural solutions.

I'm Dr. Vera Singleton ND, MBA

I'm Dr. Vera Singleton ND, MBA

I’m Dr. Singleton and I help people who want to get to the bottom of their health troubles. If you’re doing self-research, but can’t find the answer and need help, you’ve come to right place. I’ve been successfully helping my patients uncover their health issues and it shows. I’ve been voted 2018’s BEST DOCTOR in the EAST BAY and it’s because I listen to and truly care about solving the puzzling health problems you have been suffering with.

What makes me different from than other docs? I am a strategist by training. My clients use tried and true approach know as the THRIVE protocol that laser focuses on the core of your problem area(s). You’ll understand the big impact quickly of why your body is out of balance and how to correct. We don’t waste your precious time on guessing what’s wrong.


Taking control over your health

Taking control over your health

Setting a Health Strategy 

True or false:  You HAVE to be on your "A" game everyday? TRUE!  

True or false: Your health should not be a hinderance to accomplishing your daily or life goals? TRUE!

I was just like you- I worked in corporate for years- burned out my adrenals, messed up my hormones and just felt old and tired. Something had to change and quickly. I got help, I mustered the energy, invested & committed toward putting my health first and I made a HUGE transformation. 

My job: To help you find a solution using natural medicine, use a proven strategy to help you TRANSFORM, get you the results you want, and create even MORE vibrant PROACTIVE health.


health programs work best!

How to implement a win-win health strategy?  I'll tell you.  You need a strategic partnership with an expert who uses a program based approach to get you the results you want and which fits your needs.

But, we’ll start where you are. So no starvation detoxes, or odd ball protocols, but we start by making dramatic changes in your healthcare at a pace that works for you.

Your GI Issues? Acne? Hot flashes? Energy tanking at 3pm? Your brain fog?  I can fix it. FAST.  I am a women’s health expert with first hand experience. I've worked hard at finding creative solutions to tough problems.  A doctor with mo'jo (which stands for MOre, JOy)  A doctor who knows how you want to feel at the end of the day.  A doctor who knows you can have it all- your job, family, some fun and want to feel FABULOUS!

Let's focus on what's can get you feeling better

Let's focus on what's can get you feeling better

shortcut The path to success

The greatest compliment is a THANK YOU. As you may have seen, my yelp page is full of testimonials & examples of people who decided to INVEST and FOCUS in their health are happy with their results. AND I've been voted  2018 Best Doctor of the East Bay- the people have spoken!

My health programs are results oriented- meaning we work and FOCUS until we accomplish our goal.  This is how you get into action and really make the transformations you want deep down inside.

I'm by your side every step of the way. We do this together. We Focus. We get results.

Are you ready? Let's talk more about how I can help you!

Connect with me...Let's get started on your next step.


Let's connect, you are worth it

Let's connect, you are worth it

Innovation = Fresh ideas

It’s important that you know what's new &  current so you can make decisions NOW that will help you stay healthy LATER!