I absolutely LOVE what I do

I absolutely LOVE what I do

Personal experience is life's greatest teacher.

As a former professional and project manager, I get that life is hectic and juggling everything can leave you feeling exhausted!  I was a project manager running a multi-million dollar contract.  I was in poor health, living on coffee- but always enough energy for happy hour!   I couldn't figure out why I had no energy, was tired, gaining weight and feeling blah. I knew something had to change for me. My performance at work was starting to become affected. 

It was a naturopath that helped me transform my life, and it began to change within 3 month’s time. I needed support to undo bad habits and to figure out why I was sabotaging myself. Once we adjusted my digestion and hormone imbalance...things started to change for me in a big way!


Shortly thereafter I was offered a significant promotion. I knew it was because my body and mind were sharper than ever and I outperformed beyond my own standards. I couldn’t believe how easy it was when I truly let go of my bad habits.

This experienced deeply touched my soul and I had to question why no other doctor was able to help me. Right away, knew I wanted to pursue this career and cause this same transformation for others.   This experience was so powerful and ignited the desire for pursuing my true passion in life- so here I am!

From my perspective the bottom line is this- when you have optimal health, your mind is sharper, more focused, you are creative, have the energy to  accomplish your goals that you set out.   When you are fatigued, constantly sick, depressed, unmotivated, and hormones on a roller coaster with GI upset as the icing on the cake- it makes your life more difficult to bare and distracts you from being a high performer.

My Official History

I've been in private practice for over 7 years and love it! I've been featured on KPFA radio, KRON4 and have written numerous articles for Jones magazine, guest speaker on women’s health summits and contributed to many health centered blogs.  What I love most is helping people transform their lives onstage as a speaker. You'll often find me giving talks in the east bay or running group health programs.

I created and hosted the largest natural integrative fertility conference in the US in 2015. God bless it was an amazing experience to be among the top fertility specialists in the US- sheer brilliance!

I am a honored graduate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, the top rated Nautropathic school for integrative care. I assisted the Research Chair at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in cutting-edge research of Astragalus’  effect on genetic expression and immunity published in The FASEB Journal.  My passion was also heavily involved in advancing awareness and gaining legislative recognition in the Naturopathic profession throughout Arizona and on the national level in Washington DC. As a result of my hardwork, I received the Leadership Award of my graduating class.

In 2018, I was appointed by Governor Brown to the Board of Directors for all Naturopathic Doctors in California. I’m helping to shape the future of Integrative medicine through policy change, setting new laws and ensuring patients are safe.

I am a member of:  California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association.   My Alumni includes University of Michigan-B.S. in Biopsychology and Wayne State University-Masters in Business Administration.

Previously, I worked as a Project Manager for the US Department of Labor in the prestigious MBA Fellowship program which is now present in 10+ federal agencies. My expertise focused in operations, process improvement, and the strategic management of human capital.

I am an active member of my community in Oakland, CA, and consider myself an avid traveler, lifelong student of gastronomy (a.k.a. a foodie) and cultural history.  I love photography especially of urban landscapes but also capturing the stillness of nature. Below are some of my favorite pictures from travels around the world.