Is your health changing the way you live your life?


When you identify your health goals, it's easy to  stay on task and focused.  You integrate more brain centers and systems of the body and therefore results come faster and are more sustainable. Our goal: Engage more systems of YOUR body!

Most doctors focus on only 1 area at a time, but never integrate and treat all systems together.

My expertise in managing results-based projects and my 8+ years of clinical experience combined helped me to develop a proven systems-based approach called the Trinity Wellness System. This system focuses on correcting the 3 problem areas that tend to ruin our foundations:

Poor nutrition, Illness mindset and Imbalanced body chemistry



If you are ready to invest in rebuilding your foundation, THEN let’s find the solution and strategy that works best for you. 

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What are the goals of the Health Programs?

✓ To take back control of your health! We’ll quickly identify the underlying cause of any imbalances so we can get down to the root cause. Through carefully selected specialty testing, conversation and really listening to your body, we’ll understand the real reasons behind your ailments or symptoms.

✓ Optimize digestion, support normal sleep, balance your mood, improve your metabolism, energize your body and mind. I’m helping to create version you 2.0 so you can focus on what’s important in your life.

✓ Replace nutrients causing your body’s imbalance and create a long-term health strategy that will help you overcome your obstacles to health you face, now and in the future. We’re out to make lifelong changes.

Program highlights

Each program is fully customized to help you meet your long-term wellness goals. We’ll select which program is best for you on your second visit.

Each program consists of:

✓ Individualized nutrition sessions for your health condition

✓ Diagnostic Testing & Genetics Review ( if applicable)

✓ Neuroplasticity training- a cutting edge retraining for your brain-body connection for healing

✓ 60-minute office visits

✓ Email support in between visits

✓ Program specific webinars on topics that will nourish your mind, body and soul.

✓ Specialty Lab testing & Nutraceuticals is an additional fee


Which program best suits your needs?

Each program area is designed to get us clear and focused on finding the core issues. We choose the program that fits you best based upon your symptoms.

Action item#1: Book your appointment with a program in mind. You may overlap in 2 program areas, not to worry, we’ll integrate them into one seamless strategy.

Action item#2 Take action! Write down your questions, your expectations and of course what you want to focus on and give me a call. 510-230-2282 or click on the connect button below.

Click on the connect link below. find some time in your schedule and let's discuss how to get the results you want!