How can I help thee, let me count the ways...

The most common reasons why people seek my Help:

  • GI Bloating, Gas, Irregular Bowels
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, removal of moles, skin tags and age spots
  • Chronic Weight Gain and Stalled Weight Loss
  • Burnout
  • Peri & Menopausal Imbalance. Farewell to the flashes, flushes, lost thoughts, and unnecessary weight retention and…HELLLO- Libido!!
  • Chronic congestion, recurrent colds/flu, depressed immune systems
  • Fatigue, Exhaustion, Lack of Motivation, Fluctuating Moods 
  • Hormonal balance of: Thyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas (diabetes) Ovarian, Female/Male Fertility Support
  • Neurotransmitter balancing (lack of focus), Hormonal balance, nutritional support and additional specialty testing 
  • General nutrition and high performance wellness   

Many of these issues above require a new fresh perspective.  In most cases, you've had your issue(s) for so long that it seems like it's normal.  Especially if you have seen multiple practitioners seeking answers but haven't found a solution.

I like to step back and take a fresh look and view these issues from  a totally new direction. I use specialty testing (the list below) and often these tests are not run by traditional docs. 


Multiple Specialty testing: 

  • Digestive: Candida, Parasite, SIBO, Probiotic Balance and Digestive Function tests, Organic Acid (Toxic Metabolism), Food Allergy IgE, IgA, IgG tests,  Nutrient Absorption Testing, Micronutrient (vitamin) Blood Testing
  • Stool based Food allergy testing and now offering the M2PK a 80% sensitive test for prescreening for colon cancer 
  • Heavy Metal Testing, Neurotransmitter Testing, Genetic Polymorphisms of Metabolism
  • Hormone: Comprehensive Hormone Panels (Male and Female), Chronobiological (month-long) Testing of Sex Hormones, Full Adrenal and Thyroid evaluation
  • Cardiovascular: VAP and Extended Lipidology (cholesterol) testing
  • Carroll Energetic food intolerance testing (only ND offering this test in bay area). This test is truly gem in my practice and often clarifies even the most toughest GI issues

When you want out of the box perspective, you have to step outside of the box.

I choose the right test combination for you based upon your symptoms, your story and what I think will bring you the best outcome for resolving your issues quickly.  But good medicine is not just about labwork, it's about listening to you, and your body and discovering what will bring you  back to balance.

Ask yourself, are you willing to do the work? 

Are you:

  • willing to work with a doc ( that's me!) who will help you refocus, get control and help breakthrough these obstacles
  • willing to invest time and resources into yourself and recognize that you are a priority?
  • willing to be bold, be vulnerable and be open to doing something a little different?
  • willing to trust?


if your answer is yes,   

now let's find a program that works for you...