Make this one incredible shift to lower feelings of self-sabotage.

You might be feeling an energy shift.

Maybe moving a bit slower, looking for some excuses to not do some of the things on your to do list. Taking a bit longer to make the right food choice, or noticing a lull in your exercise commitment, or sugar slipping back into your diet. Yup already!

That’s ok.

It’s the self- sabotage monster returning back from 2018..2017…2016….

And the thing is, you’re right on schedule with everybody else. It’s interesting how many clients have mentioned this trend as I’ve started them on NY projects to help renew their bodies. This sabotage monster is already rearing its ugly head.

So here’s a quick reminder to you about what is real.

FEAR. Fear wins every time if you let it. It’s tied to our critical inner voice that wants you to win, but also calls you back to what you think you can’t do. So here’s an easy reminder to get you back on task…

  • First acknowledge it. Let’s not act like that elephant in the room isn’t standing right in front of you!

  • Second, think about why the sabotage is coming up. Is there a old habit returning? Are you forgetting why you wanted this goal or desire in the first place?

  • Third, find evidence in your life that you are still on track. Think about it. Rehash the memories and the good feelings that came from when you were sugar free, or sticking to your Whole 30 plan, or not picking up that drink. Felt good right? You can have that feeling again, seriously!

And lastly pick up the phone, not email, not text and tell someone what has been on your mind. The more you shine a light on how crummy you’ve been feeling the more likely you are to release the shame and guarded feelings around what’s been happening. From here you can release the energy around fear and reduce the impact of the self-sabotaging actions you’ve been taking.

**Herbs that help to boost our power during activities like this are ginseng and rhodiola. Daily teas blend of a 30oz strong brew 2 or 3 bags or even taking single capsules of 200mg+ can make the difference. Both herbs are designed for endurance helping your body in times of stress especially when motivation is wobbling!


Dr. Vera