2 Easy Tips to Rekindle Your Inner Passion

Ah February…It’s the month of “love”, well keeping it real, it’s a time to show love to others and reassure how you feel about them!

That can get exhausting.

I invite you, especially this month, to focus at least one whole day on YOU and rekindling your love and passion that you are showing yourself.

Maybe that hasn’t happened in some time. Maybe you won’t know what to do because you’re busy giving away ALL of you ALL the time.

You might ask yourself, Dr. V are you asking me to put my oxygen mask on first???

LOL! You’ve got that right. You know this and you know why, we just forget.

So here’s a prescription for you to rekindle your inner passion

TIP 1: Jumpstart your self-love-fest by picking a day this month and acknowledging YOU to the people around you about how fantastic you are. Tell them the things that you love about yourself. Be shameless about it! Brag, boast and tell at least 5 people something amazing about you. Brag about how you’ve been taking care of yourself, or making life easier for someone else around you. Don’t expect anything in return (like acknowledgements or congrats) from them. This is a biased and selfish conversation! That’s ok!

TIP 2: Show yourself that you are worthy of love. If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do , you should take this time AND DO IT. Again, make it real, by picking a day on the calendar, blocking off your schedule, getting a babysitter or pre-booking whatever you decide. Commit to yourself that you are worthy of your own time, effort and money.

I like to compliment exercises like this with herbs that can help you breakthrough. My favorite for this sort of activity is using passionflower. The energy of Passion flower herb as a tincture helps with reconnection to self, and giving you an opening on introspection. Add a 5-10 drops to your water at least once a day combined with your intention and watch your magic unfold.

These tips are a simple exercise of selfishness, but one that will bring balance and appreciation for the person who makes it happen for everyone else.

Taking this action will shift the way you see yourself and they way others see you.

Now that’s love!


Dr. Vera