Digital Detox Weekend Tip: You ARE more than your job. Here's how to prove it!

I recently posted an article from Quartz At Work on my FB page about this topic and got ALOT of feedback about how difficult it is to walk back from the edge of feeling burned out.

So here’s how I see it…

The article i posted was very long- so i’m highlighting the most important points and why you should care!

“For many of you, telling ourselves a better story about our jobs won’t be enough; there are specific problems that need solving. “

So true… in fact when we tell ourselves we are unhappy, stressed and on edge, our body, our cells listen. Cortisol- our fight/flight hormone, gets the message and activates our brain, our thyroid and adrenals to condition for battle. Almost like you are preparing to run a marathon, but with negative firey emotion as your fuel… I guarantee, you’ll run out of gas quickly.

“Studies point to the importance of relationships with colleagues, the negative effects of bad management, and our craving for feedback.”

If you’re not getting it from your boss or colleagues, you have to give it to yourself.

Daily affirmations, congratulations and damn, I did a great job! is something you should tell yourself daily. It’s a wonderful feeling to get a pat on the back, but you cannot depend or wait for other people to show you how awesome you are. Instead, get the accolades from the person from which it matters most. YOU!

“Many practical ways of combating the brutality of modern working come from within—not necessarily from self-optimization strategies or work hacks, but from simple changes that, in turn, change the culture around us. Leave the office at 6pm. Take holidays and talk about how completely you disconnected. Ask for paternity or maternity leave and take it, ostentatiously. Negotiate remote working and spend time at a cabin in the woods with your laptop and morning runs around the lake. Show your colleagues that you are free. Show yourself.

Remember, this is your worklife balance you want to establish to avoid burnout.

Question how much energy you’re giving away. When at work, give your 100% because you demonstrate excellence, BUT also give your 100% at home. If you don’t have enough for both, it means you have some re-calibrating to do.

You are THE #1 priority!


Dr. Vera