How to Crush End of Year Deadlines Like a Boss!

The pressure's on! It's the nearly the end of year and instead of working, you're working on procrastinating.  Sound familiar? This time of year can be stressful on its own, with family and holiday madness! So here's Dr. Vera's 3 must-know tips to crush through your last minute deadlines.

  1. Reduce your caffeine intake. Yes, you read it right. The more coffee you consume, the worse your focus will be AND the more you'll suffer with recovering during the night. Excellent sleep quality is paramount at this time of year for stoking your creative juices and caffeine overdosing is by far is THE #1 culprit to ruining a good night sleep.  Your cutoff time? No more coffee after 9 am! This gives plenty of time for your body to metabolize the caffeine by bedtime.  

  2. Remember that thing called Delegation? There's no need for you to eat a 6oz steak in one bite.  If your end of year project deadlines are too overwhelming, look towards team members who can help and make a bold request to assist you.  Someone is always willing to help, you just need to ask. Asking for help is a sign of leadership AND is a power move. The other person(s) will appreciate your trust and confidence in them to get the job done. 

  3. Calendar break time. You may feel like sitting and barreling through your work without eating or taking bathroom breaks, but avoid that.  The simple act of getting up off your butt starts a rush of fresh, richly nourished blood being delivered to important tissues from your neck upwards.  New blood = the ability to generate new fresh ideas.  If you have long marathon meetings, take a quick bathroom break to help reset your attention span.


Dr. Vera

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