Is your health changing the way you live your life?


Just like in the workplace, studies show that results based or project focused goals yields incredible results. Our bodies work the same. When you identify your health goals, it's easy to  stay on task and focused.  You integrate more brain centers and systems of the body and therefore results come faster and are more sustainable. Our goal: Engage more systems of YOUR body!

Most doctors focus on only 1 area at a time, but never integrate and treat all systems together.

My expertise in managing results-based projects and my 8+ years of clinical experience combined helped me to develop a proven systems-based approach called the Trinity Wellness System. This system focuses on correcting the 3 problem areas that tend to ruin our foundations:

Poor nutrition, Saboteur mindset and Imbalanced body chemistry



If you are ready to invest in rebuilding your foundation, THEN let’s find the solution and strategy that works best for you. 

Programs Overview.PNG

Step 1. Which program best suits your needs?

Each program area is designed to get us clear and focused on finding the core issues. We choose the program that fits you best based upon your symptoms. Some people may overlap in 2 program areas, not to worry, we’ll integrate them into one seamless strategy.

Step 2.

Selecting the types of visits that works for you:

  • Basic Thrive- Starting at $269/month

  • Ultimate Makeover Program (Includes Consults + Testing) *Most popular* Starting at $599/month

  • 10X Your Health Reboot Program- Unlimited all access VIP program

Step 3. Take action! Write down your questions, and of course what you want to focus on and give me a call. 510-230-2282 or click on the connect button below.

Basic Thrive

  • Can work with all health specific programs

  • 6 bundled visits only-Use your visits as your schedule allows anytime within a 6 month period of time

  • Detox, Testing, Nutrients are not included

  • 50-60 minutes per session

  • Includes unlimited email support

  • Save $100 vs individually booked sessions

  • Visits start at$269/month

Ultimate Makeover Program (Includes Consults + Testing) *Most popular*

This program uses a results-based treatment strategy. This comprehensive strategy focuses quickly, investigates & resolves your core health problems with no worries about what to do next.

  • Can work with all health specific programs except Skin and Wellness

  • Ideal for 2-3 core chronic/complex issues

  • 2 Office visits/month+ 14-21 Day Detox + all specialty Labwork is included

    • Upgraded specialty labs to hone in on the core problem areas.

  • Individualized nutrition plan for your current health challenge

  • 2-Self-Mastery sessions: Uncover your mindset and habits that supports your imbalanced system.

  • 2-Goal Planning Workshops: We’ll discover what fears are keeping you from reaching your goals and create a plan of attack to support you

  • Unlimited email support

  • Supplements are not included

  • Visits start at$599/month

10X Your Health Reboot Program

Can you imagine having more freedom, less self-sabotage, more focus/productivity and a truly renewed extraordinary life? If so, this program is for YOU.  This program is for you if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed + feeling like your body is out of control + confused by what to do next.  Here’s your chance to HIT THE RESET button! This highly focused program will rebalance your body quickly & efficiently because we’re working on restoring health on a much deeper cellular level.  So if you have gut, hormones or metabolic imbalances or all of the above, we’ll investigate & work to restore your system. 

What can you expect? You’ll be immersed in a 8-10 month program guided by the  Trinity System & strategy of balancing the body holistically. This mind-body approach will make you feel like a 10X new version of you in 8 short months with lifetime results.

  • Ideal for complex issues, multi-system Hormonal imbalances or those "facing burnout"

  • Unlimited visits + Unlimited email access

  • Comprehensive specialty testing to reveal gut, hormone, genetic and inflammatory foods to unlock the basis of your core problem areas is included. This focuses on targeting the true root cause of the problem.

  • Jumpstart! 30 Day Individualized Detoxification program included

  • Personalized nutrition consults to make sure you are successful with your new lifestyle changes

  • Individualized nutrition & guidance sessions based on your genetics & test results to strengthen your weak areas. Nutrition recommendations are based on constitutional analysis and testing

  • Not sure what causes you to sabotage yourself? You’ll also receive monthly Mindset Mapping Breakthrough Sessions: How to unlock core bad habits that keep you unhealthy. This is the secret behind how you keep the results you’re working hard for & keep the changes you make for good!

Inquire about payments options & insurance billing

Cost of the programs will be discussed at the initial consults. You can use your HSA, and perhaps insurance to cover costs.


Click on the connect link below. find some time in your schedule and let's discuss how to get the results you want!