3 Facts about Cannabis that may surprise you

Since adult use of cannabis passed in 2018 in CA, and hospitals and clinics are restricting the prescribing rates of opiods,  I get tons of questions about using cannabis for medical purposes.  Let’s review some facts you should know before beginning.

  • It’s the cannabinoid THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, in cannabis that is responsible for the high feeling, but other cannabinoids like CBG, or CBN or even the CBD/THC acids can confer healing to the body. Terpenes, the aromatic aspects of the cannabis plant can also help decrease inflammation. Terpenes are essentially essential oils found naturally in the plant and we already know how potent EO's can be. This adds an extra punch to your cannabis medicine. 
  • CBD, or cannabidiol, does not confer a high, rather this cannabinoid modulates the high effect of THC. Hemp contains less potent amounts of CBD, therefore will not get you high, and hemp oil is highly unregulated. So you must be careful on where you get your supply. Ask for certificates of quality and whether the batches are tested for fungicides and herbicides.
  • You should inquire and ask about strains with the appropriate ratio to get the kind of medicine  you want delivered to your body.  Ex) strains with higher amounts of CBD than THC are less likely to get you high. Most dispensaries have this information on hand. They will also have information about terpene profiles.

Many chronic health issues have inflammation as an underlying cause and the right combination  and dose of cannabis can be a healing haven for your body.  No budtender or cannabis specialist can ever predict how your body will respond since we are all genetically different and will respond differently to each plant.  Your best bet is Microdosing (taking a small amount of cannabis) and find what works best for you. Start low and go slow with your dosing and of course keep track of how you feel.