Don't let life happen in 2019. Design Your BEST YEAR EVER!

Thinking about how you'll accomplish your New Year's Resolutions?
Even if you've just made general goals for the year, wouldn't you like to reprogram your body to fulfill them?

Filling your calendar with a bunch of reminders and to-do's is 10% of your success.
Even if you've started a vision board, you want to attract what you want, right?

I want to encourage you to take a small action, that will get you big results. On Tuesday January 8th I’m hosting a workshop called: Design Your Year: Take Powerful Steps Towards Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

I’ve been teaching this technique individually with clients in my Ultimate Makeover Health Program, and they are getting BIG results because we’re making changes on a cellular level. So no matter if you want to eliminate sugar, manage your stress, reduce alcohol, exercising, or getting organized…You name it, the goal doesn’t matter (this technique works on ANY goal). It’s not magic, we’re just using science in a creative way to connect the dots.

So does this really work?

Personally, I shattered some major barriers in 2018 that was keeping me from my goals, and doing this work resulted in 2018 being my best year ever. I’ll share with you more juicy details on the call.

This workshop is for you if you:

1. Desire to change the quality of life you want in 2019

2. Lack of motivation or self- sabotage has been a problem area in sticking to resolutions in the past
3. Want to learn how engage every cell in your body to participate in your success this year
4. Have or Have not put a plan in place on how to accomplish your goals for the year.
**This workshop will help clarify how to more effectively plan your success for your goals and teach your body how to help you- help yourself!

Click through the link to register, you’ll be emailed the call in information after registering

Let’s make this year your best ever!


Dr. Vera