Lessons learned from: The Smoking Study: Using Naturopathic Nutrition to Buffer the Effects from Smoking

Smoking is a habit that is getting expensive on pocketbooks, but the expense on our bodies outweighs it all.  I’ve had several patients requesting a specific diet plan to help them re-coop from the effects from smoking.  My first answer is always, ” Well, I’d love for you to stop smoking” and since I know the answer to that comment, my second response is, ” then, let’s get your diet in order!”

This study focused on developing the perfect diet that will help counteract the effects from smoking. The outcome: I develop a clinically specific diet for smokers of any age, sex or smoking history that can increase antioxidant levels and therefore lower the overall risk for free-radical damage caused from smoking.  Diet is crucial for a healthy lifestyle especially for smokers in order to decrease inflammation, oxidative stress and establish a healthier overall quality of life. A recent study as of June 21, showed diets higher in fruit and veggies have greater success rates of smoking cessation. Thus showing a good diet is crucial to smokers across the board.

For those who don’t know, the carcinogens from tobacco cause an extreme amount of free radicals or oxidative stress. This stress allows creation of molecules which cause direct damage  to our cells and to our DNA-the core of our existence.  Degrading DNA can cause accelerated aging.

 By combining certain antioxidant rich nutrients and diet, we can  buffer these effects over time and may decrease your overall risks of smoking. The UCLA Cancer Center  and many others have done studies on the role of antioxidants in smoking and found that certain food nutrients may help decrease the damage caused by smoking. My study “Smokers Wanted” found the balanced diet that can work in conjunction with current smokers.

If you are a smoker and need direction on making a difference in your health.  Let's connect.