DO YOU WANT TO GET healthy and clear SKIN?

I get ALOT of clients who are looking for a long term solution to their skin issues. If you are looking for a new approach to help clear up your skin, my approach may be just what you are looking for. I’ll help you drill down to the source of the problem, not just give you another antibiotic or steroid band-aid because long term we KNOW will cause more problems for your system.

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Did you know, there are 7 key factors directly affecting your skin quality of health?

If you've have a history of acne, eczema, allergic rash or other problem with your skin, the imbalance of one or more of these factors is responsible. You may notice when you are stressed, or are eating poorly, your skin will flare. This isn't a coincidence!

I treat your skin from the inside out and help you get permanent results you want using a 3 step proven system.

  1. Find the true imbalance: Which of the seven or combination is the root cause?

  2. Restore the balance: We find the right combination of support to improve your skin integrity.

  3. Feed your skin: Get the right combination of supportive nutrients to keep your skin clear and healthy

The Natural & Comprehensive Skin Healing Program is designed for people who’ve:

  • Sough help from a dermatologist already, but treatments haven’t helped

  • Who have taken multiple rounds of antibiotics or steroids with no luck

  • Have tried other natural treatments, but it hasn’t worked

  • Just plain frustrated and feeling a little less confident

Let's talk about how I can help you get the skin you want. Book a 30 min Free Consult. We’ll talk about your skin concerns and I‘ll share with you how this program works and if it’s the right fit for you.


so How do you protect your skin naturally from cancer?

You start by changing your internal and external environment!

ANY type of skin changes whether acne, sun spots or sunburns, moles & skin tags are fair game for increasing damage to skin cells and damaged cells are more likely to become cancerous.  The more irregular the lesion, the higher the probability of cell damage, the more likely the need for investigation.

LESIONS, GROWTH, ABNORMAL SKIN CHANGES... sounds pretty intimidating- but doesn't have to be. If you have an unsightly mole or skin growth you're not sure about, I can assess it for you- FREE  in a 10 min consult and determine if you should seek a dermatology consult or recommend removal by a natural non-invasive technique.

If you have skin growth you'd like to remove ( especially in a sun exposed area) with an European developed natural & non-surgical treatment that is non-scarring and leaves flat, smooth, healthy skin underneath, schedule an appointment at my monthly skin clinic in Berkeley and Lafayette.


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I've teamed up with a internationally renowned Integrative physician, Dr. Tel-Oren MD who has developed and pioneered this treatment. Over 100,000 patients worldwide have been successfully treated.  Click here for a detailed explanation about the treatment from Dr. Tel-Oren.

No charge to schedule appointments and treatment ranges from $100 to $150 per lesion ( depending on size and location) with quantity discounts available.