I am here to help you transform your life!

My role as a naturopathic doctor is to educate and empower you while encouraging self-responsibility for health and wellness.  After all,  it is the patient, not the doctor, who ultimately creates and accomplishes healing.

My work with my patients speaks for itself... Check out my yelp reviews and see what other clients have said about their experiences.




I thank each day that I met Dr. Vera. Her energy is amazing and is one of the most genuine people I know. Truly a phenomenal doctor!
— JR

We started by having a very extensive intake, Dr. Singleton spent so much time and listened so intently about my medical history. I thought she was amazing and picked up on so many important details- She is amazing!
— TH

Dr. Singleton, you are the X-factor in me rediscovering my health. Thank you!
— VN

I really appreciated your patience Dr. Vera, I can’t express how much it means to have you in my corner in the midst of my transition. I am forever grateful.
— IS

Dr. Vera, you helped my get through a very difficult time in my life. I wouldn’t have thought that the lack of basic nutrients could have been affecting my depression so profoundly. I can’t express how grateful I am.
— AF