Green Powerade- Part 2

Juice beginnings

I know I make it seem so easy, but the "what and how" of the juicing effort can be a HUGE barrier to starting or maintaining. So I took the liberty of finding you local options for juiceries as well as a collection of recipes that range from simple to gourmet.  

This should take the big question mark out of what to make.

Still very surprised of how few pure juiceries are in the east bay and virtually non-existent in south bay and silicon valley. That's where this is needed most. SF has a bevy of shops that will deliver.

Cool tip:  Look for the term "Cold pressed" - in the juicing world- it's THE way to preserve nutrients. It's a process that use hydraulic ( pressure) force to extract the juice from the veggies/fruits, thus allows maximal extraction of nutrients and live enzymes.  

A common concern of juicing is the warmth from the centrifuge of the motor destroying all nutrients.  Not true! If the juice is warmer than your finger it's probably hovering around 102-105 F. Still well within activity of plant enzymes. Remembering boiling water is at 212.  Just add some ice or refrigerate to slow the oxidation process.

Amazing kick butt recipes to try at home from east & west coast juiceries

Local Juiceries



  • Raw energy: -limited menu
  • Ambrosia Juice Bar-  -limited menu
  • The Juice Bar Collective- limited menu and certified green business



Would love to see a Juice Bar on a food truck at OFF THE GRID!