2 Easy Tips to Rekindle Your Inner Passion

Ah February…It’s the month of “love”, well keeping it real, it’s a time to show love to others and reassure how you feel about them!

That can get exhausting.

I invite you, especially this month, to focus at least one whole day on YOU and rekindling your love and passion that you are showing yourself.

Maybe that hasn’t happened in some time. Maybe you won’t know what to do because you’re busy giving away ALL of you ALL the time.

You might ask yourself, Dr. V are you asking me to put my oxygen mask on first???

LOL! You’ve got that right. You know this and you know why, we just forget.

So here’s a prescription for you to rekindle your inner passion

TIP 1: Jumpstart your self-love-fest by picking a day this month and acknowledging YOU to the people around you about how fantastic you are. Tell them the things that you love about yourself. Be shameless about it! Brag, boast and tell at least 5 people something amazing about you. Brag about how you’ve been taking care of yourself, or making life easier for someone else around you. Don’t expect anything in return (like acknowledgements or congrats) from them. This is a biased and selfish conversation! That’s ok!

TIP 2: Show yourself that you are worthy of love. If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do , you should take this time AND DO IT. Again, make it real, by picking a day on the calendar, blocking off your schedule, getting a babysitter or pre-booking whatever you decide. Commit to yourself that you are worthy of your own time, effort and money.

I like to compliment exercises like this with herbs that can help you breakthrough. My favorite for this sort of activity is using passionflower. The energy of Passion flower herb as a tincture helps with reconnection to self, and giving you an opening on introspection. Add a 5-10 drops to your water at least once a day combined with your intention and watch your magic unfold.

These tips are a simple exercise of selfishness, but one that will bring balance and appreciation for the person who makes it happen for everyone else.

Taking this action will shift the way you see yourself and they way others see you.

Now that’s love!


Dr. Vera

Don't let life happen in 2019. Design Your BEST YEAR EVER!

Thinking about how you'll accomplish your New Year's Resolutions?
Even if you've just made general goals for the year, wouldn't you like to reprogram your body to fulfill them?

Filling your calendar with a bunch of reminders and to-do's is 10% of your success.
Even if you've started a vision board, you want to attract what you want, right?

I want to encourage you to take a small action, that will get you big results. On Tuesday January 8th I’m hosting a workshop called: Design Your Year: Take Powerful Steps Towards Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

I’ve been teaching this technique individually with clients in my Ultimate Makeover Health Program, and they are getting BIG results because we’re making changes on a cellular level. So no matter if you want to eliminate sugar, manage your stress, reduce alcohol, exercising, or getting organized…You name it, the goal doesn’t matter (this technique works on ANY goal). It’s not magic, we’re just using science in a creative way to connect the dots.

So does this really work?

Personally, I shattered some major barriers in 2018 that was keeping me from my goals, and doing this work resulted in 2018 being my best year ever. I’ll share with you more juicy details on the call.

This workshop is for you if you:

1. Desire to change the quality of life you want in 2019

2. Lack of motivation or self- sabotage has been a problem area in sticking to resolutions in the past
3. Want to learn how engage every cell in your body to participate in your success this year
4. Have or Have not put a plan in place on how to accomplish your goals for the year.
**This workshop will help clarify how to more effectively plan your success for your goals and teach your body how to help you- help yourself!

Click through the link to register, you’ll be emailed the call in information after registering

Let’s make this year your best ever!


Dr. Vera

Natural Anti-Depressants to Combat Holiday Season Burnout

Holidays are supposed to be full of cheer and happiness, but for some of us, the combination with less sunlight, cold weather and epic to-do lists leads to a 3-4 month serious emotional struggle. Here’s my top tips of how to bolster your body with natural anti-depressants and beat the holiday blues.

1. Get as much sunlight as you possibly can. Our body’s storage of vitamin D gets easily depleted this time of year, so take action to get your fix anyway you can, even for 10-15 minutes. I even recommend people to go to tanning salons to boost levels. Low levels of Vitamin D affects adequate production of Serotonin and Dopamine which might make you feel even more in the dumps.

2. Make room in your life to sleep longer. Many folks make the mistake of not adjusting their lifestyle or diet with the change of seasons. Less sunlight means you may find yourself more tired or wanting to take naps. So take the time and schedule a power nap for 5-10 minutes, put on a guided meditation for a mid-day reset or just get to bed earlier in the nighttime. Aim for 7+ hours.

3. Plan your holiday party recovery. If you’re like me, you’ve already had your fair share of holiday parties. Like any other drug, you WILL begin a withdrawal period from the sugars within alcohol and of course the holiday sweets you cant resist. Sugar Detox usually begins about 24 hrs after your last indulgence. Sugar withdrawal will exacerbate feeling of overwhelm and make you feel scattered with a loss of focus. The antidote? Doubling your fiber levels the next day after a holiday party, i.e. steel cut oatmeal, brown rice, using flax meal, or any high fiber cereal will help dampen the withdrawal symptoms. Don’t forget to drink more water!