Overworking may cause early onset demetia

Or at least make you feel that way.

You may notice, after a hard day of intense focus and pressure, you may find yourself a bit absent minded.

Chronic stress elevates levels of glucocorticoid stress hormones, can suppresses the production of new neurons in the hippocampus, impairing memory. Your hippocampus is critical to memory because it is one of few areas in the brain that can actually grow when stimulated by new memory or events-even as an adult. Kind of like stem cells. 

Short term stress makes us sharp, focused and alert, but chronic + sustained exposure to stress is an insult to the Hippocampus and can dampen recall, increase forgetfulness or even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.  All the ingredients to make you think you are headed towards dementia.

Improve your hippocampal/memory performance with nootropics.  These nutrients love, love, love to support the brain and nerve function. My favorite is good old fashion plant based fats and loads of it. 

You may have heard of Omega 3's, but may have no clue what it does. This nutrient literally restructures your nerve cells so they communicate more effectively.  This means you'll be able to think clearly, be more focused and squeeze a bit more juice for when you need it most.