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Herbal Elixir Happy Hour went out with a bang to end the summer season!

It's been a blast enjoying Happy Hour at the Dr's office. We had the best turnout so far and everyone had a chance to celebrate with some cool and refreshing summer elixirs.

As you know, every First Friday I've made some killer herbal elixirs which are actually medicinal. Not only does it taste good, but it's good for you!

This Happy hour I made a triplet combo:

Dairy free Mango Lassi- A dairy free take on the classic indian treat.

Cool as a Rose- Cooling and nourishing alternative tea spiked with rose water and naturally sweetened with real stevia leaf.  A double stimulation to your nose and taste buds. 

Coco-nuts? - Many people have never tried real coconut water.  This came straight from the husk. It's a great naturally occurring complete electrolyte especially with a dash of Himalayan sea salt.


 Happy Faces at Happy Hour

Happy Faces at Happy Hour

Previous Happy hour specials: 

  • Kombucha Love potion martini's- House Kombucha + special blends of libido enhancing herbs
  • Tummy tantilizer- Special blend of Aloe Juice, Ginger, and Lemon- great for GI bloating, gas, reflux
  • White Russian- Made with non-dairy cream and Teechino a coffee substitute- great for those wanting to wean that coffee habit and for over-taxed adrenals
  • g3 Bloody Mary- Spicy kick of freshly juiced ginger and garlic and undertones of sweet g3 base 

These recipes are one-of-a-kind and are original creations of Dr. Vera.  Recipes don't exist... unless you ask.

Why Have Happy Hour?

Happy hour is a time to congregate after a long day or week of creation, hard work and intellectual or physical sweat.  The elixirs I prepare are creations of medicine and works of art. Each classic drink is re-formulated with veggies or herbs and serves a particular medicinal function. The elixirs are non-alcoholic, but you can "spike" your elixir with alcohol based herbal tinctures from Five Flavor Herbs. As a sommelier,  I'll educate you on the right tinctures to pair with each elixir. Simply brilliant!

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